4ucycling Lambda Women's Black Foam Gel Padded Spring/Summer Cycling Compression Pants Tights

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  • HIGH QUALITY UV-PROTECTIVE SUNTECH FABRIC, excellent UV absorption. avoid the UV radiation to human body through the fabric causing melanin and spots, play the role in preventing basks. On the basis of fabric moisture absorption perspiration function, imported high-tech protection principle, using UV Absorber to deal with the Fibrous materials, Absorbent absorbs high-energy UV and changes it into low-energy UV. Thus, clear away the damage of UV
  • HIGH ELASTICITY, BREATHABLE.MAKES YOUR EXERCISE AND TRAIN WITH MAXIMUM COMFORT -Our elastic cycling pants mimics the natural elasticity of your skin, allowing full range of motion when you exercise so that you do not have to worry that it gets torn easily or feel restricted to your actions. Unlike other women cycling tights, our design allows your skin to breathe easily which provides optimal relief for your skin even after a long day of exercise wearing it
  • SUPER BREATHABLE METERIAL WITH MESH-PANELS DESIGNED ON THE BACK OF THE KNEE allow for airflow to keep legs cool, reducing sweating and rubbing
  • UNIQUE SOFT ANTI-MICROBIAL 3D PADDED CUSHION DESIGNED FOR WOMEN, FOR 100% PROTECTION ON THE HIPS. Padded cushion fits nicely around your hips and protects your hipbone from injuries during prolonged period of competitive cycling and long-distance cycling. Instead of using gel as cushion for our bike pants, we use lightweight foam so that it moulds the shape of your hips perfectly so that you will feel especially comfortable. Discover the difference wearing 4ucycling women compression tights
  • HIGH QUALITY ANKLE ZIPPERS WITH FLOURESCENT STRIPS FOR SAFETY AND FUNCTIONALITY. The pants have solid zippers with fluorescent stripes on the ankle, an aesthetic design that also ensures your safety at night