4ucycling Aluminum Alloy Screw Carabiner D Shaped Lock Spring Clip 3" Home Hooks Key Rings Holder Light Weight Pack of 5

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  • 100% new.5Pcs/Lot.Random color in each bag, including blue,black,red,purple,or golden
  • High quality alloy metal material and utral lightweight durable only 22g.Special springs snap guarantee it quick recover and latch
  • Lengtgh*Width=80mm*42mm.Max load-bearing is 60kg.A great home hooks especially for collecting keys
  • Retractable screw lock aligns well with connection point.As they clip to each side, the lock will successfully stop accident open
  • 8mm diameter is sturdy enough to provide strength for home hook and outdoor sports using. Such as, water bottles hook,hiking,travel small tools,camping tent fixed, backpack zipper pulls,pet tags clasp,strap connection,especially convenient as a Keyring,but not for climbing